Bronzino, Portrait of Eleanor of Toledo with her son Giovanni de’ Medici (detail)  1544-45

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Kaiba/Neiro! I absolutely love Kaiba. Please watch it if you get the chance!

Pencil Test of Veronica Daring for Hullabaloo by James Lopez(x)

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Bathing Suit

Emilio Pucci




Brunch for one…or two?


Januz Miralles | On Tumblr  (Philippines)  “Photo Manipulations”


Time squared


Portrait of a Lady in a Black Gown, George Peter Alexander Healy, 1845. Oil on canvas.


Noé Sendas


Cranky little crab. 


Scotlandloic lequere

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A pair of posters for the Black Cat Club’s 20th Anniversary weekend shows. Special thanks to Steve Niles, writer and Gray Matter bass player extraordinaire for letting me be a small part of this :)

You Rock, Phil. 



so i haven’t updated this tumblr in forever. it’s filled with really old (awful!) work. anyway, here are some choice moments from my film i’ve been working on. it’s almost in sequence, but i had to cut out a few scenes to adhere to tumblr’s strict image guidelines without sacrificing too much quality. how do gifs work again?

Jonah’s film is flippin’ gorgeous!!!! Can’t wait for it to be finished!

This is a weird question but how do you like... Keep the integrity/flow/looseness of a really cool sketch and make Something "finished" with it? I can't make finished-looking things without it looking overdone and Fakey? But at the same time I can't do sketches forever. Do you have any tips or advice to like, Making actual finished work that still retains a fluid feeling? I'm sorry if this question is very weird! I just have a difficult Time making Something ican put into portfolios.


Oh, I actually feel sometimes I can’t achieve that. It’s pretty difficult to keep the freshness from sketch to finish - this is a widely debated/written about topic, in fact (I think maybe someone wrote about it in Muddy Colors at some point).

Personally, I guess I work in a way that makes my line work fairly clean, and I actually like my sketchy lines to be a bit visible in the final. I never ink anything. I try to pay attention to my line value, so even those wispy sketchy lines are pleasant to the eye. I’ve spoken before about how I colour my lines, which I feel also helps bring the whole thing together.

And actually, even though I love colour, I often like peoples’ sketches more than their finished work! 

I guess I’d suggest working on your line value, so you can go from sketch to final without much editing. And do your best to colour/paint your work in a way that complements your lines. Not sure that’s much help, but I hope it’s something!